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coincides with your lifestyle and your needs.

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We are equipped with innovative people who listen to your needs, and work based on your objectives. Our team of experts takes charge of guiding and advising you throughout the whole project so that you can make the best decisions and turn any idea into a reality.

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We believe that the magic of our work is found in the ease that we offer our clients. Given that, we feel that it is important to be able to count on experts from different areas who can help you in any aspect of your life as a homeowner, whether it is in purchasing, remodeling or selling your property.

The Melinda Hines Team
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It’s not about how much we can do,
but rather what is truly functional.

Melissa Valencia

Abel Home Repair & Remodeling has allowed me the opportunity to share and express my knowledge of interior design through projects of all sorts, and with differing requirements; from kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms to basements, attics and new additions.

My passion

My passion for this profession comes from a mixture of minimalist design and functionality, since the most difficult thing isn’t adding objects to a room, but rather knowing exactly what elements one should choose and in the exact moment when one should stop.

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