Wood is currently one of the most requested materials. It adds elegance, beauty and there is a large quantity of options with respect to colors and shapes that adapt to any style of home at an affordable price.


Wood floors aren’t easy to install and require a great deal of experience and care in order to do perfectly. This means that you need a team of first class experts by your side in order to maintain the integrity of the material and achieve the “WOW FACTOR” that you are looking for.

Among our services,
we offer:
  • Hardwood floor installation
  • Hardwood floor repair
  • Hardwood floor replacement
  • Hardwood floor maintenance
  • Hardwood floor restoration

Hardwood floor installation:

Our installation professionals can help you to find the ideal type of floor to satisfy your wishes and needs for your home. We offer a wide variety of materials, from traditional to exotic, and each one with unique advantages and visual attractions..

Hardwood floor repair:

Hardwood floors are met with a considerable amount of use and abuse that can oftentimes leave them dull, whether it’s with cracks, scratches, marks, spots or even more extensive damage. With us, you can find professionals who can offer precise repair services that guarantee the complete restoration of our hardwood floors.

Hardwood floor replacement:

When the issue is more extensive and irreparable damage, or you simply wish to renovate the floor that you have, our professionals can offer you the complete replacement of a hardwood floor. We want you to fall in love with your hardwood again, and we can guarantee that you will get the perfect floor for you, your home and all of your needs.

Hardwood floor maintenance:

The care and maintenance of an adequate routine for hardwood floors can oftentimes be demanding and time-consuming. Let our professionals take care of it! Our hardwood floor experts can offer a complete list of services to restore and clean your hardwood floors, protecting them from damage and preserving their quality.

Hardwood floor restoration:

When the hardwood floors in your home begin to look dull, monotonous and simply worn-out, count on us to offer a complete hardwood floor restoration services. Out restoration takes your current hardwood floors and reworks them from zero, offering a complete service as an alternative to replacing the floors.

We also offer bamboo and an inn ovative product for floors called
laminate which allows you to create the look of tile, rock or wood in
your home at a reasonable price. Finally, we offer ceramic tiles.


Whatever your needs in terms of personalized tiles, you will discover superior, quality workmanship with you choose Abel Home Repair & Remodeling. From our installation of new mosaics as part of your home’s remodeling project to the repair of broken tiles, we do it all.

Tile floors are made up of separate units, generally square shaped, made from resistant material that will not break or disintegrate when walked upon continuously. With the different materials, styles and colors available, you can satisfy all of your necessities, whether they are traditional or modern.


We make an effort to make sure that the process of carpet installation is as easy as possible for our clients. Before anything, we send a professional estimator free of cost to measure your rooms, and determine how to minimize any sort of waste in the project.

We also offer a large variety of solutions for carpeting, style varieties and personal decoration budgets. Whether you need textured carpets for casual decorations or carpeting adequate for areas that endure daily traffic, in us you will find excellent choices in terms of colors that coincide with your interior decorating preferences and the furniture in the space.

Frequently asked

What about the furniture?

Don’t worry, our installation specialists take charge of the heavy work as part of installation; however, we may need you to manipulate smaller articles such as lamps, televisions or any other element that could be broken before the installers arrive, as this will accelerate the process of installation.

What can I expect once the work starts?

Once the work starts, your installer will be responsible for pulling up and getting rid of your old carpet. If necessary, we will eliminate any mold in the room and will prepare the subfloor for the installation. At some point, the installer may need to remove your doors in order to complete the installation. If the new carpet is thicker and causes a problem with shutting the doors, it’s possible that the installer may consider recutting the doors before being able to reinstall them.